List Your Stuff

Different-Kinds-of-Antique-CollectiblesEveryone has stuff around the house that they think might be worth “something”. We will list it for you on Ebay or a variety of other websites, depending on what the item is.  We generally charge 30% of the final sale price after Ebay, Paypal or other listing fees. We have been known to renegotiate depending on what the item is.

We specialize in jewelry, artwork and collectibles. We do not take clothes, books, children’s items or just plain junk. We must both agree that it is worth our time. I have sold many interesting things for other people. Please visit my Ebay store to see my current listings. If you have “stuff” you would like us to take a look at, please give us a call. We will customize the contract to fit your needs.


Download consignment contract