SOLD! Sterling Silver Coffee/Tea Set

Posted on Oct 23, 2013

Although previously owned, this five piece, coffee/tea set looks like it has never been used. It is in MINT condition with no scratches or nicks on ANY piece. Every piece is intact. It is made by Poole and the craftsmanship is extraordinary. The set has 96 ounces of pure silver. The total weight is 104 oz. All pieces are stamped, “Sterling by Poole 990”. This is a great investment with silver at the current price. The set comes with a coffee urn, a tea urn, sugar and creamer and I have no idea what you put in the last container. Sweet & Low? Mayonaise? If you know what goes in the last container, please email me. You can visit Macy’s or Ross & Simons to see the value of this incredible set. There are no monograms on this set. Our price: $3,999.00