BILL HUB Owner, Silver & Gold Shop Jewelry

Posted on Oct 13, 2013


Expert Jewelry Man and Lifter-of-Heavy-Things…Bill has owned the Silver & Gold Shop in Incline Village for 28 years. He has been a trusted jewelry resource in Incline Village and has a sterling reputation. Pun intended. He is also my husband and a very nice man.  This whole thing started because Bill buys gold, silver and precious metals for scrap. I happened to be sitting there one day as he got ready to send a Tiffany necklace to the melting pot. I suggested that we try it on Ebay. Bill was game and a business was born. Bill evaluates all jewelry, gold or sterling that comes through. Need to get rid of that old Sterling Silver flatware set your grandmother left you? Bill will buy it. As you can see, Bill and I compliment each other in business. If Bill doesn’t buy it, I will sell it for you online. There is no boat too big or diamond too small.